First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.1

Lions tend to hunt at night or in the cooler hours and rest up during the day. So… keep an eye on giraffe. If they are all looking in one direction there is a good chance they are looking at something that might prey on them — lions!

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Press Articles

The Telegraph Travel: Wild Response

Brian Jackman heads for the most remote part of Tanzania... and wallows in it.

In December, unseasonally heavy rains had swept across the Serengeti . At Ndutu, 10 inches had fallen in two weeks — the heaviest in 18 years. A fortnight later, the plains were still green and alive with wildebeest, which had come south to give birth; but now the dry wind blowing, but now the dry-weather wind was blowing, the same wind that brought the dhow fleets of Arabia down to Mombasa, and the sun shone from a cloudless sky as we drove towards the Gol Mountains.
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Vogue Magazine: Best Small Safaris

Lucia van der Post is also a feature writer for the Financial Times.

There are guides in Africa who will organize your very own mobile safari, and who will take just you and a few chosen friends to the secret places they know. While Livingstone, Baker, Speke and co all had hundreds of porters and the vast columns of supplies, the modern equivalent needs Land Rovers, tents, portable fridges, masses of fuel staff and the sort of planning that could make Mussolini look disorganized...
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Sunday Times Travel: On safari in Tanzania

The reality of life in the animal kingdom's hunters and hunted — by Jill Sherman.

Ruaha National Park covers an area of 12,950 sq kms and lies in central Tanzania just west of the Iringa Highlands. Here we stayed in a small temporary private tented camp on the banks of the drying Great Ruaha River pitched in the shade of two huge acacia trees, one occasionally inhabited by a colony of baboons.
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Licensed to Guide by Susie Cazenove

Jacana Press ISBN 1-77009-143-2

“Susie's book paints such a dramatic picture of both the African Landscapes and the amazing guides who walk us through it, that this book will inspire the armchair — and itinerant — traveler.”
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