First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.1

Lions tend to hunt at night or in the cooler hours and rest up during the day. So… keep an eye on giraffe. If they are all looking in one direction there is a good chance they are looking at something that might prey on them — lions!

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Safari Style

With our fully personalised, privately arranged safaris we will design a safari to meet all your needs.

Our safaris are about wildlife viewing, photography, cultural encounters, flora and the spectacular African Landscapes.

We specialise in putting you in the best location, at the best time of year with the most experienced and knowledgeable guides for the greatest safari experience.

We maintain a serious commitment to the environment and use camps and lodges with the best possible ethics.

“My many trips make me feel somewhat of a local, but when I return it feels like visiting an old love or becoming a child again. You continue to do a fabulous job.”
Pat House, USA