First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.1

Lions tend to hunt at night or in the cooler hours and rest up during the day. So… keep an eye on giraffe. If they are all looking in one direction there is a good chance they are looking at something that might prey on them — lions!

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Gol Mountains

The landscape is spectacular; the scenery prehistoric. Huge mountains, canyons and spectacular rock formations dominate the wide meandering valleys.

In the rains, they become lush and green and bright with flowers. Beautiful big trees provide an umbrella of shade for the game. With the mountains attracting the rain, the storm cloud formation and the light is out of this world, making the area seem mystical and bewitched.

During the wet season large amounts of game inhabit these areas. The predators using the trees and rocks as a perfect vantage pint to hunt the plains game.

Volcanic ash from the Great Rift Valley has collected in local lake basins, creating a network of soda lakes hostile to most organisms. This forbidding environment enables Lake Natron (east of the Gol mountains) to serve millions of flamingos as the ideal nursery; would-be predators avoid the saline lake and leave young birds in peace.

Expect to experience:

  • Camp at the huge Nasera Rock.
  • Vast plains teaming with wild life.
  • Cheetah and cubs on kopjes.
  • Large herds of eland and giraffe.
  • Unique bids including Egyptian vulture.
  • Spectacular scenery.
  • Walking safaris.
  • Very traditional Maasai.
  • Visits to the moonscape of Lake Natron.

Facts at a glance

  • Wild dogs are making a small come back in the Gol Mountains.
  • Colin ran a remote safari camp for 4 years.
  • The wildebeest are on the Serengeti short grass plains from Late December until the beginning of June. They are always desperate to get out into the Gol Mountains because of their mineral rich soils.


Camping at the stunning Nasera Rock
Camping at the stunning Nasera Rock

Electrical storm in cloud over our Piaya campsite in the western Gol Mountains
Electrical storm in cloud over our Piaya campsite in the western Gol Mountains

Breakfast view from camp
Breakfast view from camp

Dining tent at camp in the Gol Mountains
Dining tent at camp in the Gol Mountains