First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.1

Lions tend to hunt at night or in the cooler hours and rest up during the day. So… keep an eye on giraffe. If they are all looking in one direction there is a good chance they are looking at something that might prey on them — lions!

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Katavi belongs to the beasts of Africa, it always has. Chada Camp is the only human presence for 100's of miles. This is the promise of Katavi - total absorption in the natural world.

The main camp sits on the floodplains of Chada, a Mecca for game; hippos in there 100's not just in the rivers but grazing on the banks in herds. The crocodiles are more circumspect, but so numerous that they can't hide. They often dig holes in the dried sand riverbanks to get out of the sun! The dry flood plains provide such an abundance of grass that you would think you are on the short grass plains of the Serengeti.

The freedom of Katavi is unique, we walk, stalk and bush bash in Land Rovers. No one restricts our movements, we can follow game anywhere we want and for as long as we like. Alternatively it is fantastic to sit and one of the numerous water holes and wait for the scene to unfold with often-dramatic results.

Katavi is like no other park in Africa. It is incredibly isolated, scenically stunning and full of wildlife.

Expect to experience:


Katavi hippos

  • Enormous herds of Buffalo, Zebra and Elephant.
  • Vast flood plains and endless wilderness.
  • Fantastic Lion Buffalo interactions.
  • Roan and Sable Antelope.
  • 1000’s of hippos and croc’s.
  • Camp on the edge of Chada flood plain.
  • Walking safaris deep into the out-back of Katavi.

Facts at a glance

  • Ground transects were used to determine densities of 24 larger mammals in Katavi National Park. The Park consists of miombo woodland habitat and two seasonal lakes. Mammalian biomass was extremely high due primarily to large numbers of buffalo. The highest mammal densities were found around Lake Chada to the south-east of the Park.
  • Large areas of Katavi have been set aside for adventurous walking safaris.


Fly camping on the Katazunga flood plain, Katavi
Fly camping on the Katazunga flood plain, Katavi

Chada camp is how all camps should be. The best permanent camp in Katavi >Chada camp is how all camps should be. The best permanent camp in Katavi

Chada camp