First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.1

Lions tend to hunt at night or in the cooler hours and rest up during the day. So… keep an eye on giraffe. If they are all looking in one direction there is a good chance they are looking at something that might prey on them — lions!

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Loliondo - Soit Orgoss

Soit Orgoss is situated on the north-eastern end of the Serengeti ecosystem, and is an area of incredible kopjes, hills, rivers and open plains. It has a vast resident population of predators and plains game and is one of the best places in Tanzania to see klipspringer. The great migration also moves through the kopjes at times during the year, as do huge herds of elephants.

For the last several years we have had the pleasure to utilise the Soit Orgoss area in the Loliondo Game Control Area. Dorobo Safaris have spent over ten years working with the Maasai villages in the area creating a private concession where Maasai, wildlife and tourism can all work together to preserve one of the most stunning pieces of land in the country. Dorobo Safaris have offered us the opportunity to use the area for small-scale tourism.

Yearly fees and a daily game viewing/camping fee are paid to the local villages for projects in their community.

Expect to experience:

Loliondo hippo


  • Real bush walking and stalking.
  • Best Klipspringer viewing.
  • The most spectacular camping in Tanzania.
  • Game drives in open vehicles.
  • Night drives.
  • Backlit hippos.
  • Complete wilderness.

Facts at a glance

  • Along with Dorobo Safaris we have exclusive use of Soit Orgoss. No other safari company can use the area.
  • The name Soit Orgoss comes from the long corridors of rock as well as the migration corridor where the Maasai move their livestock west towards the Serengeti.


Camp in amongst the stunning Soit Orgoss kopjes
Camp in amongst the stunning Soit Orgoss kopjes

The ultimate sunset viewing above camp
The ultimate sunset viewing above camp

Camp with a view in the kopjes
Camp with a view in the kopjes