First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.4

Investigate the alarm calls of guinea fowl as they will often point to a Serval or leopard nearby in the grass

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The Great Migration

The Serengeti is a sheer wildlife spectacle. Nowhere else on the planet is there this much wildlife existing as they have done for millions of years.

The rains bring over 1.8 million wildebeest onto the Serengeti plains. The pale yellow grass and parched earth rejuvenates overnight from the first downpour of rain. Lightening lights up the sky and thunder crashes overhead. Millimetres of rain can fall in an hour. The storm passes and the smell of rain is strong in the air, the earth is pungent with promise.

It is a time of plenty for the plains game and predators alike. As the herds move around the Serengeti, following the storm clouds, so the predators guzzle. Their world turns green; wild flowers carpet the plains. Fat bellied, well-fed lions and cheetah look magnificent against the colourful backdrop.

During the migration, the wildebeest, believing there is safety in numbers, calve in a three-week period. This is also a perfect time for the predators to have their young while the food source is plentiful.

Expect to experience:



  • Nature unchanged.
  • Over two million animals constantly moving across the plains.
  • All six species of cats — Lion, leopard, Cheetah, Serval, Caracal and African wild cat.
  • Predation at all levels, from lions eating zebra to the martial eagle with a guinea fowl.
  • Over 500 species of birds including many exciting migrants from December.
  • Stunning landscapes and endless skies.

Facts at a glance

  • The Serengeti plain is often carpeted with wild flowers in April.
  • The Serengeti Ecosystem is over 25,000 km2 — nearly the size of Belgium.
  • More than 80% of wildebeest calves are born over a two week period sometime towards the end of January/beginning of February. Flood the market and more will survive.


Camping on the edge of the vast plains
Camping on the edge of the vast plains

Camping in the heart of the Serengeti
Camping in the heart of the Serengeti

Sundowners watching a Serengeti Sunset
Sundowners watching a Serengeti Sunset