First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.5

Early mornings and evenings can be your most successful game viewing times



Map of Africa Tanzania boasts some of the most magnificent and dramatic landscapes on earth. Over 20% of its land is set aside for National Parks and reserves. From the snow capped Kilimanjaro in the north, the Great Rift Valley and the volcanic highlands of Ngorongoro to the vast seas of grass that are the Serengeti plains.

Shallow soda flats contrast sharply with the deep freshwater lakes. Further South, wild bush country and forested mountains protect the mysteries of the Ruaha River and the Katavi flood plains. Deserted white beaches and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean soften this beautiful country.

The diversity of Flora and fauna offers stunning wildlife viewing, from vast herds of elephants and buffalo, prides of lions, cheetah, leopards, chimpanzees, flocks of flamingos do to the all important dung beetle.

Throughout Tanzania a visitor will be delighted and entranced by the beauty of the people and the charm and friendliness of their welcome: “ Karibu Tanzania!

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Tanzania Safari Season

  • Tanzania is fortunate to have an all year round safari season. When itís green (December to May) the vast migrating herds are attracted to the mineral rich Serengeti plains. In the dry season (June to November) animals concentrate around the water holes and limitless rivers to make for stunning game viewing.