Slide Shows

First place photograph by Tim Robson

Bush Tip No.3

Bring the best Binoculars you can afford and have them with you at all times



The 2008 eruption
of Oldonyo Lengai

2008 turned out to be the year with the event that I had been waiting to experience for 20 years — the eruption of Oldonyo Lengai — the Maasai Mountain of god. At its peak it was exploding ash to 35,000 feet every 3 hours coating the area in a spooky white/grey film of alkaline material.

Gol Mountains scenery

Take a journey across the Great Rift Valley to the Gol Mountains where huge mountains, canyons and spectacular rock formations dominate the wide meandering valleys.

Katavi and Mahale

Shots from the isolated Katavi park and the relatively close-by Mahale Mountains, which run along the crest of Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania.

New born

A selection of portraits of new arrivals to Tanzania: young lion cubs, wildebeest, cheetah, ostrich and warthog.

On Safari

From the up-close encounters with a dazzling array of wildlife, to socialising over a glass of wine before a magnificent sunset, a safari in the wilderness of Tanzania is a truly unforgettable experience.

Serengeti hunters

Get a look at some of the action from the great migration across the Serengeti . With some two million animals constantly moving across the plains there is predation at all levels.

Stunning campsites

We use a range of mobile and permanent camps , as well as several stunning lodges. In this slideshow you can view the camps and surrounding landscapes.