NZ Bush Tip No. 5

Use the stem of the native lance wood for an unbreakable shoe lace while tramping in the bush.


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May 2012 10 days... Thousands of memories.

When my fiancée’s family decided to come and spend the Christmas holidays in New Zealand this year from the States, I was faced with a challenge – how could I show them everything in just ten days?
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August 2010: Skiing, seals and rugby!

We’re having the most fantastic winter weather and not only are there perfect skiing conditions with clear sunny blue skies, it’s also an incredible time to view New Zealand’s dramatic mountain scenery covered in snow.
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April 2010: The endless Kiwi summer

Our summer season was  still in full swing through to mid May and we’re having wonderful dry sunny days and as the light gets lower on the horizon our photographic opportunities are enhanced. Like our African safari avoiding the peak seasons is incredibly rewarding..
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September 2009: It's all happening here

We're now half way through what has been a very busy year of fantastic safari experiences in New Zealand which constantly gives us inspiration for many new adventures..
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December 2008: It's been a busy year

With Christmas and our busy season upon us we thought we would let you know what we have been up to in 2008! It has been an exciting year for us all with the official launch of our New Zealand Safaris. Although we have been running safaris in NZ over the last 5 years we are now fully committed to expanding this wonderful business.
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