NZ Bush Tip No. 1

Stay healthy in the bush by trying some of our native plants medicinal properties. Eat fern shoots which are high in Vitamin C. Drink kawakawa tea to purify the blood and spread honey from the Manuka tree for its high UMF factor.

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New Zealanders have a rare talent for inventing some of the most bizarre action/adventure activities on the planet. It has a lot to do with our exploring background and the isolation and freedom to try anything that has never been done before. You can spend your whole time in New Zealand on an adrenaline high from Bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, sand boarding, heli-skiing to name a few. Or maybe just take the occasional buzz with a jet boat ride or the luge. There is also the adventure of getting into some true wilderness on foot or via sea kayak. The options are endless and there will never be enough time.

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